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$1950 per person
3 Days | 23-26 October 2019
Izu Peninsula

RWC JAPAN 2019 Rugby & Ride

Perfectly timed between some major games, this short 3 Day Guided Tour takes riders on journey deep into the heart of the Izu Peninsula.
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Perfectly timed between some major games, this short 3 Day Guided Tour takes riders on journey deep into the heart of the izu Peninsula.

What's included

Izu Peninsula Discover Izu Peninsula
Departure Location
Izu Nagaoka, Shizuoka
Return Location
Izu Nagaoka, Shizuoka
Additional Information
Tour Level: 5/10 Total Distance: 300km Total Climbing: 3000m Options: Self-Guided
Price includes
  • Accommodation twin share room
  • Cycle Friendly Accommodation
  • Mechanical Support
  • Premium bike rental
  • Professionally guided tour
Price does not include
  • Departure Taxes or Visa handling fees
  • Increases in airfares or Government imposed taxes
  • Medical insurance and emergency insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Visa arrangements
Additional Prices
SIngle Supplement: $500

Rugby World Cup & RideJapan

Japan is blessed with epic scenery and what could be better when not watching rugby than to do some world class cycling. This guided tour takes you deep into the Izu Peninsula where ancient shrines and temples are matched by stunning coastal roads. Fully inclusive of premium rental bike, top accommodation for 3 nights, the tour is designed to fit into your rugby viewing schedule.

The Izu Peninsula is a short bullet train ride from Tokyo or Osaka and is one of Japan’s favourite summer destinations. Average distance is about 90km per day with approximately 1400m of climbing. Our Intermediate ours aim to strike a balance between time on and off the bike, but it is still designed challenge and a reasonable level of bike handling ability is required. Contact us for more information on joining this tour.

Ride Izu

Located a short bullet train blast from Tokyo, the Izu Peninsula is one of the most undiscovered, yet incredible cycling destinations in Japan. Offering a wide variety of terrain, including epic coastal roads that rise and fall on the craggy cliffside, there is something for everyone. Head inland and discover stunning terraced wasabi fields, magical waterfall and ancient towns steeped in a timeless beauty. For the more adventurous, heading up to amazing skyline roads will offer views of Suguru Bay and onward to Mt. Fuji, a unique scene that is hard to repeat anywhere else in Japan.

Fishing Ports & Wasabi Fields

Dogashima (堂ヶ島, Dōgashima) in western Izu is famous for its dramatic stone formations, cliffs and caves formed by the lava flow of past volcanic eruptions and shoreline erosion. The best way to see the coast is from one of the frequently departing sightseeing boats, which briefly enter one of the larger caves. The cruises around Dogashima take about 20-25 minutes, although longer tours are also available.

On the small peninsula south of the boat pier is the Sawada Park Open Air Bath (Sawada Koen Rotemburo), a cliff-side hot spring bath with beautiful views over the ocean. The bath is gender-separated, closed on Tuesdays (next day if Tuesday is a national holiday) and costs 600 yen admission.

The Futo Coast, about 2.5 kilometers northwest of Dogashima, is a small bay with a stony beach and a hiking trail that leads to rock formations known as magmatic dikes. These dikes were formed when magma rose to the surface and solidified along the vent of a volcano. The outer layers of the volcano eroded over time, leaving just the volcanic neck – a magmatic dike.

Tapping into History – Shuzenji

Shuzenji Onsen (修善寺温泉) is one of the oldest and most famous hot spring resort towns on the Izu Peninsula. Located in the hilly center of the peninsula, it lacks the ocean views of many nearby onsen towns but attracts visitors with its history and attractive setting.

Shuzenji Onsen was named after Shuzenji Temple (修禅寺) at the center of town. Kobo Daishi, one of Japan’s most important religious personalities, founded the temple about 1200 years ago. Today, it is a Zen Buddhist temple where visitors can participate in meditation classes (Tuesdays from 9:30, reservation required). Kobo Daishi is also said to have created Shuzenji’s most prominent hot spring, Tokko-no-yu, located in the middle of the river bed that runs through the town center. Today, Tokko-no-yu is used as a foot bath.

Other attractions in Shuzenji’s town center include a small bamboo forest, several historic ryokan and a few tastefully designed shops and cafes. Onsen bathing is possible at the town’s public bath, Hakoyu. Furthermore, several of the town’s ryokan open their baths to non-staying guests during daytime for a fee of around 1000 yen.

World Heritage Status

The Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace (韮山反射炉, Nirayama Hansharo) is a well preserved iron smelting facility on the Izu Peninsula. Built by the Tokugawa government in 1857, the furnace represents the start of modern iron production in Japan. The Nirayama Furnace is the most complete reverberatory furnaces still standing, and the site received world heritage status in summer 2015 among the Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution.

Originally part of a larger factory complex, the furnace was constructed of local stones and bricks. It represented the most advanced technology of the time, and iron produced there was processed on site and cast into cannons, which were desperately needed to shore up the country’s coastal defenses in response to the arrival of Commodore Perry and his black ships. Visitors can approach the furnace bodies and four, 15.7 meter high chimneys, which stand encased in protective steel frames. A few cannons are also on display around the furnace, while a small information center and a few shops and restaurants are located nearby.

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Day 1

Arrive Izu + Samurai and Shuzenji Loop (30-40km)

Welcome to the stunning Izu Peninsula. After being greeted at the local train station by your fantastic hotel staff, you will head to the accommodation to drop of bag and get setup on your amazing rental bikes. Still a bit early to check in, but with fantastic facilities at the hotel to get you changed and ready to ride, everything you need is on hand, including the important GPS unit, ready and waiting to guide you around this fantastic region.

The afternoon ride takes you on a route that visits some of the historical sights monuments within an easy reach of your hotel. Visiting stunning shrines, temples and important samurai lodgings, along with the newly classified World Heritage Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace. 

A visit to this part of Izu would not be complete without spending some time in wonderful and magical Shuzenji, where deep in the mountains, time seems to stand still. A short ride back to finish your day on the bike to check in and enjoy the wonderful hospitality provided, including the pristine onsen.


Day 2

Heda and Ozezaki Loop (65-90km)

This loop is a personal favorite of ours and showcases what the Izu Peninsula is all about; small villages, quiet roads, stunning views, gritty ports and unique views of Mt. Fuji. Heading toward familiar roads, the ride takes you through Shuzenji on up to the Heda Pass. This is where local knowledge is key and the route you take mesmerises as the elevation gain increases. The view from the lookout is something to behold, as is the 12km descent into the working port town of Heda.

The ride then follows a breathtaking coastal road that snakes its ways up on the cliffside before we drop you down into Ozezaki, where your route takes you to a wonderful location and a chance to dip your feet into the magical waters of Surugu Bay. 

Once back on the bike a 20km generally flat road takes you back to the accommodation where the onsen will be needed as much as the cold beer.

Day 3

Wasabi Fields and Nishi Izu Skyline (80-100km)

Another great route that offers both stunning scenery, amazing quiet roads and some challenges thrown in. Heading south deep into the mountains, your route takes you toward one of the magical Wasabi Farms which are nestled in a little piece of heaven. Quality Wasabi must have only the purest of water and flowing from deep inside the hills, there are springs and waterfalls abundant.

The wasabi also marks the start of the climb which takes you up to the Nishi Izu Skyline road. Plenty of views from the marked lookouts along the way and once up at the pass, hopefully Mt. Fuji reveals itself. The Skyline road takes you right along the top of the mountain and while never flat, is a wonderful ride.

Options to return are various, so like all our routes, we cater them to suit and can add extra challenges for those riders looking for more, and for those happy with ride, we route you back down the hill for a fantastic descent back to the accommodation.

Day 4

Olympic Velodrome Loop + Depart (40km)

The Izu region is steeped in cycling history and houses not only the Keirin Academy, where young cyclists learn to be professional Keirin riders, but also is home to the Tokyo2020 Olympic Velodrome and MTB park. The facility at the top of the hill also boasts a theme park and a national level road race course and for a small fee, all are open to the public.


More about Izu Peninsula Discover Izu Peninsula

The Izu Peninsula (伊豆半島, Izu Hantō) is a resort area popular for its hot springs, beautiful coastlines, beaches, mild climate and scenic mountainous interior. Located about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, its proximity to the city makes the peninsula a popular weekend getaway and the area is well connected to Tokyo by train. In addition, Mount Fuji lies only about 50 kilometers to the north and can be viewed from the peninsula’s western coast.

More about this tour

Come ride with us on this Intermediate Japan Cycling Tour.  We will delve deep into the vibrant Japan culture and tackle some of the best, yet mostly undiscovered cycling in the world.

This Japan Cycling Tour comes loaded with breathtaking scenery, challenging riding and plenty of off-bike experiences to enjoy as well, the stage is set for a uniquely rewarding cycling holiday – one you and your legs will remember for a long time to come.

Intermediate tours strike the perfect balance for those that enjoy a decent ride each day, yet want have some time to absorb the wonderful culture and scenery. You do the riding, we take care of the rest and this Japan Cycling Tour includes your meals and accommodation, the best support crew and guides and they are all of the highest quality.

Contact us today for tour options and single supplements.

  • Average daily distance of approximately 90km
  • Average daily climbing of 1200m
  • Premium Bike Rental Included
  • Incredible support from highly experienced guides and crew.
  • The best courses, hand-picked accommodations designed for you.
  • Taste and experience the wonderful Japanese culture.

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Rugby World Cup Tour

$1950 per person
3 Days | 23-26 October 2019
Izu Peninsula

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